Dua for Controlling Mother in Law in 3 Days (100% Tested)

Dua for Controlling Mother in Law

Dua for Controlling Mother in Law: Your mother-in-law is your husband’s Heaven. If any woman loves her husband, she wants her mother-in-law to like her. But this is not possible on one side only. In our society, mothers-in-law are considered scary creatures. So my dear sisters, if you want to control your mother-in-law and rule on her heart, recite dua for controlling mother-in-law. Here you will find more than 3 wazaif for in-law’s love and control. Follow all the steps as directed in the article, and don’t use this wazifa with negative intention.

Dua for Controlling Mother in Law

How to treat your mother-in-law? 

Although serving in-laws are not included in our obligation, everything should not be judged from the ‘Wajib standard’ perspective. Ethical and social life also has some requirements for a happy life. If you want to live happily with your mother-in-law, you have to make some sacrifices. 

  • Serve her and love her. 
  • Give her respect and trust. 
  • Accept her as the “JANNAH” Of your beloved husband. 
  • Give something to her and make a good communication bond with her. 
  • Tell your husband to serve his mother and ask for her needs. 

If you can fulfill some of the following rules, it is guaranteed to live a happy married life. With these strategies, Not only will you make your mother-in-law happy, but your husband will also fall in love with you. Let your husband be dedicated to his parents, and it will lessen your burden and increase your value. As our beloved PROPHET HAZRAT MOHAMMED S. A. W said:

“Too bad, too bad, too bad, people who get one or two elderly parents, but he does not enter to the Heaven because of it.” (Narrated by Muslim).”

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Steps to perform the wazifa for love and respect:

  • Make ablution and offer obligatory prayer. 
  • After prayer, recite Durood Shareef 3 times. 
  • Recite 

“YAA RA’OUFO, YAA WADOODO, YAA GHAFURO” 40 times after every farz Namaz. 

  • Recite the wazifa in your daily routine. It will help you to gain respect and love. 

Important note:-

You can recite the wazifa openly during your periods. This wazifa has no time limits, and you can try to recite it as many you want. 

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SURAT YASEEN Dua for Controlling Mother in Law:

Surah Yaseen is considered powerful because it can defend us from enemies if we recite it. Above all, it aids you in overcoming your fears. Surah Yaseen, in truth, is beneficial to the prisoner, and its reading will result in his freedom. Surat YASEEN is called “THE HEART OF QURAN” these words can describe its importance and charm in our life. 

If you are looking for a dua to control your mother-in-law, SURAT YASEEN is perfect for it. Reciting SURAT YASEEN have great importance in our daily life. If you need Allah’s complete help in these difficulties, make it a practice to recite Surah Yaseen at Fajr. You’ll be shocked at how easily you handled all of the problems and hurdles that day. In addition, Allah SWT will provide for all of your needs.

Steps to perform the wazifa to control mother-in-law:

  • Make fresh ablution and offer two nafal salat e-Hajat. 
  • Recite durood pak 11 times before the wazifa. 
  • Recite Surat Yasin, and on every MOBEEN, close your one finger and recite this Ayat 450 times. 
  • حَسبنا الله و نعم الوکیل نعم المولی و نعم النصیر
  • SURAT Yasin has five MOBEEN. Repeat the same one every MOBEEN. 
  • Recite durood pak 11 times again. 
  • Repeat the wazifa for 7 days. 

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Important note:

If you are in your periods, you can’t perform the wazifa. Open your fist in front of your mother-in-law and make a blow on her. This wazifa is very powerful to control someone, but remember not to use it with evil intention. 

What is the powerful wazifa to drive away from the oppressive mother-in-law:

Not every mother-in-law needs to be a mother, and every house is a paradise. Some mothers-in-law are enemies of their daughters-in-law. They make it difficult for them to breathe. And it is a matter of the fact that Tolerating oppression is tantamount to supporting the oppressor. If you want to recite a dua to keep mother in law away, you can find one in this article. 

Don’t use this powerful dua for negative purposes; you will have to suffer the consequences if you do so. This wazifa will work like a miracle for you INSHALLAH, and you have to recite it with full concentration and firm belief. My dear sisters, if you want to make your life better and want to shut your mouth, I request you to perform it daily; you will see visible changes in your life with the grace of ALLAH SUBHANA TALA. 

Powerful Dua for Controlling Mother in Law; here is the method to recite it:

  • Make fresh ablution and offer NAMAZ-E-FAJAR. 
  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 times. 
  • Recite “SURAT YASEEN “verses 9 only 11 or 7 times. When you encounter your mother-in-law, blow it towards her. 
  • Recite Durood Shareef before and after the wazifa for 11 times. 
  • Repeat the same after NAMAZ-E-MAGHRIB. 

Important note:

You can perform the wazifa for anyone. You can’t recite it in periods. You can recite it as much as possible. There is no time limit for the wazifa, but you will witness the effects in three to seven days INSHALLAH. 

If you want to ask any other questions, you can contact MOLANA SAHAB. He will guide you

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