Shohar ki kamyabi ka wazifa

Nowadays, the world is growing rapidly everyone wants to be ahead in this race of time. Every woman thinks his men are the backbone of his family, because of his husband’s earnings family can thrive. If you want your husband to get ahead in his career, get good contracts from clients in their business, and get promotion and appraisal from his boss. Then once implement this shohar ki kamyabi ka wazifa you will see a sudden increment in your husband’s status and position in office or business. Fame and wealth will automatically come to his steps. Shohar ki kamyabi ka wazifa is an easy means to ensure the success of your husband notwithstanding in a short span of time.

Shohar ki kamyabi ka wazifa: Allah hun Rabbin laa Shareekat Allah hu Laa

  • Reading this shohar ki kamyabi k liye dua can open all blockage automatically, so after reading this dua took in mind a thought that your husband gets growth in their business and leave all things to Allah.

Shohar ki salamati ki dua

Shohar ki kamyabi ka wazifa

Shohar ki kamyabi ka wazifa

The world is filled with so many insecurities and evil-minded people, who just find an opportunity to harm due to jealousy. If you find opponents and enemies of your husband get unhappy due to his promotion and success, they are in some malpractices to make him harm anyhow. Then you can read this Shohar ki salamati ki dua and ensure the safety of your husband, Allah will make an invisible circle of dua powers that can protect him from the menace of foes. Every woman chants this husband ki kamyabi k liye dua thus it removes all the fears and imparts mental peace. You can readily reach us anytime or contact online to our dua expert Molvi Ji although there is difficulty in performing dua or you forget the correct procedures of dua implementation.

Recite given below Shohar ki salamati ki dua or ayat:

Surah Al Ayat: Sababiihisamaa Rabbikaal Aalaa Suraah ala

  • When your husband goes to bed for sleep stand along on side of his head and recites the given dua in a low voice 3 times, do this for 90 days continually, ensure your husband doesn’t wake up while reading ayat.

Shohar ki sehat ki dua

I remember a famous proverb “Health is wealth”. If you have a lot of money, prosperity, and glory then it is insignificant if you are not privileged with good health. Because of your ailing body, you are not able to enjoy this wealth. “Shohar ki sehat ki dua” is an incredible source of blessings for your husband, if he is suffering from malignant disease, even doctors failed to save your husband’s life. In that situation implementing shohar ki kamyabi ki dua bring utter changes in your husband’s health and within some months he becomes absolutely healthy and agile. Our Islamic astrologers impart world-class astrology & dua, Istikara services across various parts of India, you can get Consultation online also or reach us via email.

  • Make Wudu and then read 5 times Salah in a day
  • Read Holy Quran daily and then recite Surah As-Sajdah
  • You can also read Surah Anaam
  • Read verse 78 Surah Nisaah in the holy Quran.

You can also contact our Mufti Sahab now.

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